Friday, December 18, 2020

Domain Expiration Checker PHP Script

Download Domain Expiration Checker PHP Script - In this script you can track domain and business, connect a cronjob and send an SMS, mail. You can use it yourself, or you can track your customers' domains, You can search and follow the domains that will fall during the day as letters and words, It is an automatic system where you can send special sms or e-mails to your customers, but cronjob (set / cronjob.php) is connected.

Domains Checker PHP Script Usage

+ Cronjob needs to be added 
+ Customer is added 
+ Domain is added and automatically pulls the remaining days, ssl information 
+ Service is added 
+ The service is defined to the customer and how many days it is left is shown 
+ On the domains page to be dropped today, regex logic can be searched by word, letter 
+ SMS and Mail settings available 
+ How many days are left to send SMS or e-mail is selected or 2 of them are also selected 
+ SMS and Mail template can be set (cronjob template) 
+ SMS or e-mail can be sent to a person or a customer All files are open source and written in pure php.

Download Domains Checker PHP Script

 It runs on PHP 7.x.x versions. It does not work on the lower version. 
 You can find the CronJob file in the cronjob.php file in the set folder.

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