Friday, December 18, 2020

Instagram Hashtag Comment Bot - Instagram Auto Commenter

This exe program coded Using Python Selenium Module! The program works with MacroRecoder Logic. You Can See Live On The Screen What It Is Doing. No Need To Extend The Word. instagram comment bot, instagram auto liker, instagram comment bot free, auto comment instagram app, instagram auto follow bot, free instagram comments, instagram auto comment apk, instagram automation bot

Instagram Hashtag Comment Bot Specifications

- The program goes to Hastage where you entered it and clicks on the top post and comments. Repeats This Process During Your Specified Time.
- It Will Be A Good Work If You Set The Right Patient And The Right Timing.
- Mozilla Firefox Must Be Installed!
- geckodriver Do Not Delete The Driver Required To Start The Scanner.
- Extract All Files into One Folder and Run Hastag Comment Program v1.exe.
- If Asks, Give Access Permission For Healthy Operation.
- After Entering the Requested Information, The Program Will Start To Run.
- It Will Work If You Enter As In The Pictures.
Note: Remember, It is Only Suitable for Hastag. You cannot enter a post link and comment on that post. Note2: Enter the Waiting Time in Seconds.

Download Instagram Hashtag Comment Bot


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