Friday, December 18, 2020

Url Shortener Script - Api V4

Free Url Shortener Script PHP - This script is using api, where you can see the link shortening - listing short links - update and click data for the links! Easy usage. free url shortener script with ads free url shortener script for blogger, url shortener html template, free url shortener api, url shortener code, create your own url shortener, custom url shortener, url shortener in php

Url Shortener Script Screenshots

Url Shortener Script Features

quickly shorten the link
reach the list of the links you have shortened.
update the titles of the links you shortened.
reach the Click Data of the Last 30 Days of Your Links.

Url Shortener Script Installation - Setup

Type your token instead of your token on the line Inside Operation.php File.
$authorization = "Authorization: Bearer your token";
for example;
$authorization = "Authorization: Bearer 955eee0aaaa8e504088dda3b743c6c2355c62442";

Download Url Shortener Script


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